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Smart EV Charging Solutions for Commercial, Enterprise, and Government Fleets

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District Fleet is an EVSE Systems Integrator. We bring together vehicles, hardware, software, installation, and ancillary services to meet the dynamic needs of our customers.

All of our offerings are available for purchase via GSA MAS Contract or the recently awarded GSA EVSE BPA. Contact one of our specialists to assist you with upcoming EVSE requirements.

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Our Turnkey Fleet Electrification Services

Step 1
Step 1

Planning & Phasing

We will help you define requirements and develop a streamlined procurement process to purchase and deploy Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

Step 2
Step 2

Installation Planning

Is your site EV ready? Let us help you identify site specific requirements and develop a formal installation plan. This step is designed to address electrical service requirements, communications, security, billing, and GOV vs POV usage requirements.

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Step 3
Step 3

Equipment & Software Selection

We will help you choose from a portfolio of fast, safe, secure, and reliable EV Charging stations and smart management software.

Step 4
Step 4

Installation & Onboarding

Whether leading or coordinating self-installs we can help you oversee and validate successful commissioning of all systems.

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Step 5
Step 5

Monitoring & Maintenance

We offer comprehensive EV charging operations and maintenance plans for maximum performance uptime and total peace of mind.

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Our Hardware Partners

Level 2 EV Charging Stations

BTC Power

30A, 40A, or 70A
OCPP / Network Ready


32A, 40A, 48A, or 64A


30A Level 2
OCPP / Network Ready

PowerCharge Energy Series Adj 48A

Adjustable 32A/40A/48A
OCPP / Network Ready

PowerCharge Energy Series Adj 80A

Adjustable 50A/64A/80A
OCPP / Network Ready

ChargePoint CT4000 Series

30A Level 2
OCPP / Network Ready

ChargePoint CP6000 Series

50A & 80A Level 2
OCPP / Network Ready

Level 3 DC Fast Chargers

ABB Terra Wallbox

24 kW DC
OCPP / Network Ready

ABB Terra 54

50 kW DC
OCPP / Network Ready

ABB Terra HP 350

350 kW DC System
OCPP / Network Ready

Tritium RTM 75

50 or 75 kW DC
OCPP / Network Ready

Tritium PKM 150

150kW DC
OCPP / Network Ready

BTC Power Slim

50 kW DC
OCPP / Network Ready

Freewire Boost

150 kW DC w/ integrated 160 kW lithium-ion battery
OCPP / Network Ready

ChargePoint CPE250

62.5kW or 125kW Shared
OCPP / Network Ready

ChargePoint CPE280

80kW or 160 kW Shared
OCPP / Network Ready

Manage access, pricing, performance, and data

EV Charging Management Software

Station Access Control

Allows you to limit charging access to specified driver groups, ensuring your stations are only used by those who you designate

iOS/Android Mobile App For Drivers

Provides drivers a mobile app to manage their interactions with your charging stations, including locating stations, initiating charges, making payments, and receiving support

Live station Status View on PlugShare

Makes it easy for drivers to locate your stations by ensuring they display in PlugShare

Guest Access

Allows you to provide specific drivers access to your stations for short, defined periods of time

Code of Conduct Development

Helps you set clear expectations for good driver behavior with expert guidance from your Customer Success Manager

Custom, Quarterly Reports Tracking Charging KPIs

Makes it easy for you to not only monitor the performance of your charging operation, but to share that information with your stakeholders. Combine with data from your Telematics provider for easy reporting

Charge Price Control

Enables you to set flat rate or metered pricing for charging, allowing the possibility of generating revenue from your stations. Ideal for (POVs) Privately Owned Vehicles compliance

Proactive Station Health Monitoring

Takes the burden from you and your staff to check on station health by receiving proactive alerts from your Customer Support Manager

Station Use, Performance, & Sustainability Reports

Provides an easy way to monitor overall station performance and gather data often needed to receive grants and rebates

(OCPI) Open Charge Point Interface

Allows roaming between network providers

Access Controlled by Organizational Hierarchy

Allows you to manage a fleet of BEVs that may require charging in different locations at different times

(OCPP) Open Charge Point Protocol

Open and Flexible Standards Protocol allows interoperability between hardware and software providers

Load Balancing

Allows you to dynamically scale by not just balancing load on an individual station, but across your entire charging operation

Station Usage & Transaction Reports

Gives fleet managers a way to easily see station use and payment history

In-Dashboard Trouble Ticket Management

Provides a quick way to receive technical support and the ability to track issue resolution

Dashboard View of Station Activity

Enables you to quickly check your stations’ uptime and health

Customer Service

24/7 driver support via the app and phone

Introducing Government CaaS for GOV or POVs

EV Charging as a Service (EV CaaS) is a comprehensive, turnkey solution that provides equipment, installation, software, maintenance and driver support under a predictable monthly payment. Enjoy all the benefits of adding EV charging stations to your property while EV Connect takes care of every aspect of the EV charging infrastructure.

The Key Benefits of EV CaaS:

Lower Upfront Costs

Reduce initial capital outlay and pay a monthly fee to access EV Charging infrastructure.

Predictable Expense

Operational and maintenance services bundled and delivered as a monthly subscription fee, limiting additional out-of-pocket expenses.


Scalable to adjust to your charging needs.

Low Risk

Reduce unnecessary costs and overhead while EV Connect takes care of station monitoring, network operations, and driver support.

Technology Upgrade

Stations will never go obsolete as you can upgrade stations after each contract term.

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